Cara Membuat Desain Ruang Keluarga Yang Nyaman

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So when building a house, you also have to think about the condition of the house. Because a healthy home can affect the health conditions of its residents. One of the characteristics of a healthy home is good air circulation. Good air circulation can be obtained through adequate ventilation of the house.
In order to be able to gather with family comfortably, of course the condition of the body must also be healthy. Especially when one family has the flu, other members can catch it. This of course interferes with the comfort when gathered.

According to a WHO statement poor air quality in homes is thought to be one of the main causes of increasing spread of infectious diseases and deaths in developing countries around the world. The benchmark for the reliability of a building must cover four aspects, namely safety, health, comfort, and convenience. So the health aspect is also an important point for a residence.
To take a home that is comfortable, safe, and healthy, you can consult directly with a professional home design service provider. Later you can also ask for input on how to arrange a Family Room Design for you to live with your family. So you don’t need to hesitate to use these services in order to have a dream home.

Tips on building a Family Room
There are some tips that you can apply to organize a simple Family Room Design but still provide comfort for you and other family members. Here are some ways to organize a family room that you can apply.
Create a Spacious Impression in the Room

For those of you who have a narrow family room, sometimes you ask how to organize a narrow family room? Even though the room is narrow, you don’t need to worry because there is a trick to outsmart it. You can add a mirror in the family room to give the impression of a room that looks spacious.
But also need to pay attention to the placement of furniture. As previously stated, if you have a narrow room area, then avoid using excessive furniture. The more furniture there is, the more narrow and stuffy the family room will look. Make sure that there is enough space for movement.
Choosing the Right Furniture


In order to look comfortable, the family room needs some appropriate furniture. The furniture can be adapted to the interior design that you use. The position of the furniture also affects the comfort built for this family room. You can choose a sofa with a U-shaped or elongated shape.

You also shouldn’t miss the color adjustment of the furniture. You can choose the color of the sofa that matches the wall. In addition, you can also choose a sofa that matches the color of the curtains. For the amount of furniture that you will use, you also need to consider the area of ​​the room.
If it is not too wide then avoid using too much furniture, because something that is too much is also not good.

Lighting is one of the tips for arranging a family room that should not be missed. Set the best possible lighting in this room. You can add windows so that sunlight can enter to illuminate the family room. During the day, it is better to use natural lighting. If night falls, then use some decorative lights to illuminate the room.
Adding Ornamental Plants

Tips for arranging the next family room is to add ornamental plants. If you want the atmosphere of the room to be more beautiful and cool, you can add some ornamental plants in the corner of the room. If not enough, you can use a small pot to put the plant on the table.
In addition to adding a more beautiful impression, these plants also help maintain air circulation in the house to keep it clean. So that the condition of your home is healthy as well as its occupants.
Wall Decoration

Tips for arranging the next family room is to add wall decorations. This wall decoration also has an important role to build a warm and comfortable atmosphere in the family room. Although the minimalist concept of wall decoration is not used too much, it is also permissible to install paintings or photo frames. You can put a family photo with a plain frame.
If the design of the room that you are stretching is minimalist, then you don’t need a lot of wall decoration, just a few. The minimalist concept will be better with simple wall decorations and does not contain many complicated motifs.
Color Blend

Use neutral colors to make a warm impression in this family room. You can apply pastel colors to sofa walls, carpets, curtains, and other components. As in the principles of design in architecture , you must pay attention to aspects of unity and harmonization, balance, rhythm, composition, proportion, and unity.
One of the meanings of family is as a good place to come home, so you don’t need to think much about giving something special and the best for family comfort. Because family is the best place to get rid of fatigue, fatigue, to the most comfortable place to vent. It’s only natural that you give the best for a family who is able to accept your condition as it is.
Itulah beberapa tips cara membuat desain ruang keluarga yang nyaman. Ciptakan suasana hangat dan nyaman saat Anda bersama keluarga di rumah. Semoga informasi ini dapat bermanfaat bagi anda yang sedang bingung untuk memulai membangun ruang keluarga sendiri. Itu saja dan terima kasih.

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