7 Side Jobs For Promising Programmers, Worth Trying!

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As we know, a side job can be a smart idea to earn extra income. 

Who doesn’t want to have a good financial condition and stay under control?

If you want a vacation, just go. If you want to change your smartphone, just buy it. Well, all these wishes can be done without thinking if you have more income. And to be able to get it, you can try a side job

One type of work that requires a lot of services in the digital era as it is today is a programmer.

You don’t need to change jobs, you can still continue your main job while working side by side online.

For those of you who are bored and need additional income from programming skills, let’s look at the following side job recommendations.

7 Side Jobs For Programmers, Have You Ever Tried?

1. Become a Freelancer

Being a freelancer can be a smart side job for programmers. This is because as a freelancer, you can be more flexible. 

Both in setting working hours and fees for each job you complete. Of course in accordance with the agreement between the two parties.

You can offer your skills directly to clients or join a freelancer platform and work online. You can find side jobs online at the following sites,

  • Projects.co.id, 
  • Sribulancer, 
  • Freelancer.co.id.
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • PeoplePerHour 
  • top number.

Then you can choose an online side job according to your skills and abilities.

For example, web programming, WordPress expertise, commerce development, game development and many more

2. Online Side Job with Blogging

Furthermore, blogging can be a side job for programmers, it is quite recommended.

The reason is, in addition to educating other programmers through blogs, it can also be a way to make money from the internet easily and promisingly.

As long as your blog is seriously built with informative, consistent and professional content in its management.

So every aspect is really thought out in detail and carefully.

Through blogs, you can get income from various sources. Starting from advertising, affiliate programs, endorsements, paid webinars to offering services with personal brands in a professional manner.

3. Create an Ebook

If you also have fun and detailed writing skills, you can try online side jobs by creating ebooks. As the name suggests, ebook is a digital book product.

The ebook is a bit more complete when it comes to outlining a topic. Consider writing articles published on a blog. 

You can turn the results of the writing into an ebook, then market it. It can be through your own personal blog, or sold through a marketplace that specifically offers ebooks. 

For example, such as Karyavirtual.com for English-language works, while Amazon is  for English-language eBooks.

4. Side Job as a Mentor

Can you imagine what it ‘s like to have a side job online as a programming mentor?

This side job only requires your precision and accuracy. Especially in providing direction when coding to conform to standards.

Whether you are a beginner or even someone new to programming, mentoring is definitely needed.

In order to find the right target audience, you must maximize the marketing techniques.

You can use social media, blogs or through the RookieUp platform. Then create a professional portfolio.

If many clients believe in your abilities, clients will come naturally

5. Become a YouTuber

A side job for the next programmer worth trying is as a YouTuber.

It can be said that YouTube is a blog with an audio visual format.

And, being a YouTuber can be an online side job  with pretty promising results.

The reason is, many beginners who want to learn coding but are constrained by costs, and through videos on YouTube they can learn more easily.

By seeing this opportunity, you can turn it into a new online side job without having to leave your old job.

Many YouTubers as well as successful programmers from his YouTube channel, Derek Banas is one of them.

No kidding, his subscribers have even crossed the number more than 1 million with an estimated income of up to $3,000 per month.

That number is quite tempting is not it? Well, now there’s nothing wrong with starting a side job online by building your own YouTube channel. You will be surprised at what you will get from Youtube.

As long as you are serious about managing it, starting from choosing topics, content that is interesting and has value and quality video results. With all that said, making money online from YouTube is only a matter of time.

6. Side Job Selling Software

A side job for the next programmer that is no less promising is to sell software.

You can sell your own software or make someone else’s. Well, if you have qualified skills to produce quality software then don’t waste it!

Start by doing research on what software products other people need. It can be seen from what problems are often experienced by many people and there is no concrete solution yet. 

Also make sure that the design is easy and simple, because this will be more liked by users. Don’t forget to study existing products, then study the competition.

7. Become a podcaster

Not much different from YouTube, podcasting can also be an interesting side job  for programmers.

Podcast itself is a platform for various audio content that is suitable for those of you who like to talk.

Not just the usual chatter, you can make it a side job  and earn money.

The most important thing is to create audio content that is positive and needed by many people. For this activity you can use applications such as Spotify, Soundcloud or personal websites. 

In Indonesia itself, there are several names with niche programming that have been quite successful, for example WicaraPodcast and StoryDeveloper. You can use both of them as inspiration to build your own podcast. 

Sources of income from podcasts generally come from affiliates, sponsors, donations, and many others.


Well, that was a side job option for programmers that was quite interesting and promising.

You can choose according to your skills and hobbies. Don’t forget to add persistence and never give up and always innovate. Hope your business goes well!